Washita Valley Farms is located in the middle of some of the world’s best Pecan growing country.  We harvest Native Pecans and are building Improved Variety Pecan orchards.  We first saw our farm in the winter.  It seemed as though we found what we were looking for.  Even in winter, it was easy to see that this place was productive, scenic, and recreational.  What we didn’t know was just how many mature native pecan trees there were.  Some are over 60 inches in diameter at the trunk. We currently harvest between 100 and 200 large native trees.  We are annually grafting several hundred improved variety (Kanza and Pawnee) pecan trees to a never ending supply of native root stock.  Improved variety pecans will be organized in irrigated orchards. This is a long term process that we hope will allow us to harvest orchard pecans for generations to come.