The Herd

business card imageToday’s commercial cattle are bred to perform on feed that is unnatural for cattle, such as corn and pharmaceutically produced fast growth concoctions.  Accelerated growth is further enhanced by hormone implants.  Crowded into unsanitary feed lots, they are injected with antibiotics (even healthy animals), fed internal pesticides, and drenched with external pesticides.

The key to producing grass fed and grass finished beef is genetics. We believe that South Poll Cattle have the best genetics for a grass fed operation like ours.

“South Poll Cattle are bred to be slick-haired, small-framed cows with emphasis placed on high fertility, longevity, and calm disposition.  South Polls are bred to excel on a grass based grazing system. Ultrasound and actual carcass data on the South Poll tells us that they are as tender, or more tender, than straight bred English cattle.”(1)

Our livestock are never confined in feed lots. We do not feed grain or use any hormone growth accelerators. We care about the animals on our farm and treat them with respect.